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OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) mini PCs can be used across a wide range of industries and applications due to their compact and versatile design. Here are some of the possible industries and use cases where OPS mini PCs can be employed:


Digital Signage

Our mini Pc seamlessly integrate into any digital signage setup, ensuring stunning visuals and smooth performance. Whether you're crafting eye-catching retail displays or informative kiosks, our Mini PCs are the reliable choice.

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Corporate Office

Upgrade your office infrastructure with OPS Mini PCs designed for seamless efficiency. Whether you're handling spreadsheets, video conferencing, or project management, our compact PCs deliver powerful performance.

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Our OPS Mini PCs are tailored to foster interactive learning experiences. They seamlessly integrate with interactive displays, enabling educators to create engaging lessons and collaborative environments.

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Meeting & Conference

Deliver impactful presentations, collaborate effortlessly, and enhance communication in every meeting and conference. Upgrade your meeting and conference room experience with our OPS Mini PCs.

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Our OPS Mini PCs are the perfect fit for the industrial use. From manufacturing and testing to diagnostics and data analysis, our compact and powerful PCs enhance efficiency and productivity across the board.

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Gaming & Entertainment

From epic gaming battles to cinematic movie nights, our Mini PCs transform any space into an entertainment hub. Experience your gaming experience and home theater like never before with OPS Mini PCs.

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